Appaloosa Mares

Ty Mos Lady Day, 33.5"Amha/Amhr
DOB: Mar. 27, 1996
SIRE: Grays Rap Music,30.00"  (blue roan appaloosa)
DAM:  Ty Mos Daddys Girl, 33."( solid black)

Melody's Sire
Sandra Lees Signatures Sierra,32.25" Amha/Amhr
DOB:  April  17, 2006
SIRE: Sunrise Hill Spots Signature 32" (black leopard appaloosa)
DAM: RMT Whisper Softly 33.75"( sorrel appaloosa)
Sierra's sire
Sierra's Dam
Devines Orion Sassy Sula, 31.25",  Amha, Amhr
DOB: April 9, 2009
Sire: Bucknells Toyhorse Orion Elite 32"(appaloosa)
Dam: Fairmounts Mountain Madonna, 29.0"(silver dapple)
Sula's sire
Sula is tested to be LP/lp, N/Npatn1, N/N roan and N/N grey 
Mornin Honeysuckle Mistie, 33"Amha/Amhr

DOB: April 29, 1997
SIRE: Mornin Honeysuckle Kyan 33"(Black appaloosa)
DAM: Ya Sha Honeysuckle Honey,32.5"(red dun) 
Lyndell Miniatures
Lyndell Mniatures
Melody is retired from breeding and has a forever home here at Lyndell Miniatures.
Mistie has a forever home here at Lyndell Miniatures.
Lyndells Trix Right Here Waiting, 32". A & R
SIRE: Wander West Cause 4 Applause,33"
DAM: Lorick Llea Peaches,31.25"
Tested LP/N. N/N PATN1
. Northern Star Lakeview Mercedes, 32", A & R.
DOB: 04/27/2010
SIRE Landry Farms Mr Chip, 32"
Dam: Northern Star Morning Breeze,31.5"