KDS Short Stuff Hawks Lil Toystar,(32") AMHA
SIRE: Reeces N Kredible Hawk (bay, 32.5")
DAM: Sweetwaters Lil Toy Bird (palomino, 31.75")
Toystar's dam
Toystars sire
PSMH Destination Top Secret "Secret",(31.25') Amha/Amhr

DOB: March 26, 2010
SIRE; Running Creeks Rowdys Destiny, 32.5",( black)
DAM: Lil Kritrs Skip A Star, 31.5", (sorrel pinto)
Secrets Sire
Secret & her dam
Fields Of Blessings Magic Moments,33"Amha/ Amhr
Countrylanes Destinys Signy, 30" Amha.
DOB: 05/01/2011
SIRE: Double Destinys War Emblem 31.5"
DAM: Little Kings BTS Tender Tulip 32.75" 
Sunwood Medalion Undeniable,31"  Amha/ Amhr
SIRE: Hunt House Farms Medallion,31.75"
DAM: Luck Four Rebels Red N Rosey, 29"
Wander West Love Peace & Harmony, 28.5", Amha/ Amhr
DOB: 05/27/2012
IRE: Side Tack Acres Domino Effect,33' 
DAM: Wander West Image Of Tattoo, 30.25"
Signy's sire
Jade's sire
Jade's dam
Showrings Phantoms Coloured Eagle,30.5" Amha/ Amhr
Eagle's Sire
Eagle's dam
DOB: 04/20/2012
SIRE: Fallen Ash Farms Phantom Eagle,32"
DAM: Lucky Four Color Me Class, 33.5'
Photos of Eagle, her sire and dam belong to Barb Ring
DOB: 06/26/2012
SIRE:Aloha Acres I O it to Magic(grey pinto) 34"
DAM: Enders TR Star( appaloosa)33.75"
Jade's permanent papers say 28.5" , She measured 30" Oct.30, 2016.
Windswept Legends Aurora, Amha/ Amhr
Rory's Sire & Dam
DOB: 05/15/2014
SIRE: Triple K Cinsis American Legend 2,  28"
DAM: Boones Little Buckaroo Doll,  31.5"
Secret is lab tested as n0 for frame overo, Ee (is black based but carries 1  copy of red recessive gene)
Rory is lab tested as E/E, A/a.N/N for cream, pearl, silver & champagne.
D/nd1. No grey.
Deni is open by my choice for 2018, she raises correct foals!
Riverdrifts  Bam Bams Lady Pebbles, 33.75". Amha/ Amhr
DOB: 08/15/2014
SIRE: Aloha Acres Dreams Rowdy Bam Bam. 33"
Dam:  Thousand Oaks Lancelots Lady Rosa. 33.25"
Pebbles Sire
Pebbles Dam
​Jade is in foal to Keills Mischief for 2018, her last foal from him was a buckskin pinto.
Toystar is open by my choice for 2018. She raises correct foals!
Maggie is open by my choice for 2018, she raises correct foals!
Signy is open by my choice for 2018!
Rory is in foal for 2018 to Keills Mischief. his will be her first foal!
Inquire here!
Eagle is open for 2018 by my choice, she had a gorgeous pinto filly in 2017.