KDS Short Stuff Hawks Lil Toystar,(32") AMHA
SIRE: Reeces N Kredible Hawk (bay, 32.5")
DAM: Sweetwaters Lil Toy Bird (palomino, 31.75")
Toystar's dam
Toystars sire
PSMH Destination Top Secret "Secret",(31.25') Amha/Amhr

DOB: March 26, 2010
SIRE; Running Creeks Rowdys Destiny, 32.5",( black)
DAM: Lil Kritrs Skip A Star, 31.5", (sorrel pinto)
Secrets Sire
Secret & her dam
Fields Of Blessings Magic Moments,33"Amha/ Amhr
Countrylanes Destinys Signy, 30" Amha.
DOB: 05/01/2011
SIRE: Double Destinys War Emblem 31.5"
DAM: Little Kings BTS Tender Tulip 32.75" 
Sunwood Medalion Undeniable,31"  Amha/ Amhr
SIRE: Hunt House Farms Medallion,31.75"
DAM: Luck Four Rebels Red N Rosey, 29"
Wander West Love Peace & Harmony, 28.5", Amha/ Amhr
DOB: 05/27/2012
IRE: Side Tack Acres Domino Effect,33' 
DAM: Wander West Image Of Tattoo, 30.25"
Signy's sire
Jade's sire
Jade's dam
Showrings Phantoms Coloured Eagle,30.5" Amha/ Amhr
Eagle's Sire
Eagle's dam
DOB: 04/20/2012
SIRE: Fallen Ash Farms Phantom Eagle,32"
DAM: Lucky Four Color Me Class, 33.5'
Photos of Eagle, her sire and dam belong to Barb Ring
DOB: 06/26/2012
SIRE:Aloha Acres I O it to Magic(grey pinto) 34"
DAM: Enders TR Star( appaloosa)33.75"
Jade's permanent papers say 28.5" , She measured 30" Oct.30, 2016.
Riverdrifts Bam  Bams Lady Pebbles, Amha/ Amhr
DOB: 08/15/2014
SIRE: Aloha Acres Dreams Rowdy Bam Bam,33"
DAM: Thousand Oaks Lancelots Lady Rosa, 33.25"
Pebble's Sire & Dam
Photo of her sire is owned by Sandy Frank
Windswept Legends Aurora, Amha/ Amhr
Rory's Sire & Dam
DOB: 05/15/2014
SIRE: Triple K Cinsis American Legend 2,  28"
DAM: Boones Little Buckaroo Doll,  31.5"
Secret is lab tested as n0 for frame overo, Ee (is black based but carries 1  copy of red recessive gene)
Rory is lab tested as E/E, A/a.N/N for cream, pearl, silver & champagne.
D/nd1. No grey.